The Truth About Auto Mechanic

Normally, the main problem with the clutch system comes from the friction properties of the clutch. The friction helps to engage and disengage the system, and can eventually wear down as you clutch goes through miles and miles of use. When the friction of the clutch shouldn’t be working correctly, … Read more

The Auto Mechanic Hide

What Is a Muffler? 18. Take it for a test drive and listen for unusual sounds and look ahead to any pulling on the steering. One other vital feature of a reckoned good heart is quality work. From management to workmanship, nature of work must be of high quality and … Read more

Top Auto Mechanic Guide!

After World War II, Soichiro Honda formed the Honda Research Institute Firm Ltd in Japan. In 1947, Honda constructed the A-type engine, a 1-horsepower 50cc two-stroke that fastened to bicycles. Honda workers known as it the “chimney” because of its tall cylinder. In September 1948, the Honda Motor Co. was … Read more