5 Brand Car Repair Center in UAE

5 Brand Car Repair Center in UAE

If you own a top-end vehicle from Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi, or a similar brand, car repair can be a hassle. Why? The reason is that it is not easy to trust just about any repair shop. After all, these vehicles cost a fortune to buy and maintain.

If they end up in the hands of a non-skilled or non-certified worker, you may end up voiding your warranty or making the problem worse than before. Fortunately, people living in UAE don’t face such issues because of the Emiratis love of limited, exotic, top-end vehicles. It would not be wrong to say that you can find the world’s best cars in UAE.

Due to this, people with a sharp business mind have set up car repair centres throughout UAE that specifically cater to top brand vehicles. In other words, you no longer need to concern yourself about non-genuine spare parts, voiding the warranty, or a poor-quality repair job.

Instead of taking up any more time, let us begin our discussion.

Best Brand Car Repair Centres in UAE

There are several workshops in the UAE that are vying for the title of the best car repair centre in UAE. Instead of mentioning all of them, we will limit this article to a few of them. The ones listed below are the best of the best.

Zone Auto Care

It is one of the oldest car repair centres in the UAE. In fact, it has been providing services for more than 40 years now. If its work is not up to the mark, it would not have survived in a market like UAE, where quality is considered above all else. While it offers repair services for nearly every vehicle, the workers are specialised in working on top-end cars. Therefore, you should not worry about handing your Mercedes, BMW, or Porsche to this garage. The best thing is that Zone Auto Care frequently offers exciting new discount deals.

PitStopArabia (PSA)

You might have come across this name when buying tires for your Audi or any other vehicle. PSA started as an online tire retailer in UAE before expanding into auto repair and other vehicle-related services. Its expansion is made possible because of its superior customer service and top-notch services. If that is not enough to convince you, know that Mitsubishi is a strategic partner of PSA. Despite being new, it has quickly made a name for itself in UAE’s auto repair market.


It is widely considered as one of the best auto repair shops in the UAE for high-end vehicles. Its workers are pretty skilled in handling cars like Audi, Porsche, Lexus, Mercedes, Range Rover, and a lot more. The best thing about this workshop is that it invests in the workforce. In other words, the workers undergo regular training regarding the best practices associated with auto repair and maintenance.

AAA Dubai

Almost every car owner in Dubai has heard this name. It speaks volumes about the workshop’s quality. It offers a wide range of services, including bodywork, engine repair, AC repair, transmission box repair, electrical audit, and many more. It would not be wrong to say that AAA Dubai is a one-stop-shop for auto repair and maintenance in Dubai. One might think they would charge a fortune for repair work, but that is not the case. The prices are quite reasonable and on par with other top-end garages.


It is another popular name in UAE’s auto repair market. You can avail of their services at any one of their six workshops, all located in Dubai. Like PSA, they are well-known for their tire selling business. The best thing about them is that you can convert the invoice to an easy installment plan at low rates.

Wrap Up

If you have any questions regarding the type of services these garages offer along with prices and timing, we request that you contact the repair shops directly. They are in a much better position to answer your queries. Moreover, we encourage car owners to compare quotes before finalizing the repair center. By doing so, you can end up saving money.

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