5 Factors That Can Determine The Cost Of Your Car Insurance

5 Factors That Can Determine The Cost Of Your Car Insurance

We all realize how necessary it is to invest in a quality car insurance policy. However, the skyrocketing price of quality car insurance today has got many people believing that it is a luxury expense.

 Other than your choice of the insurance company, many other elements also help to determine the value of comprehensive car insurance quotes Australia each car owner is expected to get. In this article, we will only discuss a mere few of these factors.


1.    Your age

It does not come as a surprise when studies reveal that young people are much more likely to get into accidents that wreck their cars than the older generations. After all, with their hormones at their peak, the young men feel ecstatic and invincible – especially when they have just gotten their first car. Young people are also understandably much likelier to disregard traffic rules and regulations than their parents.

In addition to this, the young often have peer pressure to prove how cool they are. How they do this is by speeding, not paying attention to the regular maintenance and repair of their vehicles, and believing that they can drive perfectly even when they are under the influence. This directly translates to a higher rate of RTAs and sustaining damages to their vehicle. For this reason, car insurance policies are often more expensive for the young.

2.    Your past driving experience

When you are getting car insurance, the insurance company will be sure to ask you about your driving history to design a policy for you. This does not only include the number of years you have spent driving, but also your general conduct when you are on the road. The greater your experience and lesser the tickets issued to you, the higher is your chance at getting an affordable car insurance deal.

3.    The extent of your car usage

Of course, the more you use your car, the more likely it is to get it into an accident that requires some hefty repair jobs. Your car will probably remain unharmed if it is kept locked in the garage for the most part of the year.

This is why a car insurance company is expected to ask you how often you take your car out for a spin. The lesser that number is, the better the car insurance deal you have a chance of getting.

4.    Your gender

Unlike the stereotype, women are not bad drivers. In fact, it is the other way around!

Statistics show that women are less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident than their male counterparts. This is because of women in general pay closer attention to a task such as driving, have lower scores of driving under the influence, and have a record of getting into less severe accidents than men when a mishap does happen.

So, if you are a woman, congratulations! Considering all the above statistics, you will often be asked to pay a lot less than males by a car insurance company!

5.    The make of your car

Some cars are much more likely to get into accidents than other cars. These include luxury cars, big trucks that are difficult to drive, and various other unsafe vehicles. Hence, it makes sense for the car insurance company to charge you more for these models.

Another factor to consider is how expensive it is to repair the car that you own. If you drive a rare collectible, your insurance is probably going to cost a lot more.