Aftermarket Motorcycle Wheels Purchasing Guide

Aftermarket Motorcycle Wheels Purchasing Guide

As a motorcycle enthusiast, I take pride in the appearance of my bike and one of the things that I first upgraded was the wheels. And I have to say quality wheels are significant to the performance and safety of your machine. There are so many models and styles available in the market today and I understand if you may feel intimidated. Heck, it sometimes overwhelms me and I have been the motorcycle imports business for decades.

I have come up with an easy guide to help you pick the right custom bike wheels for your machine. Whether you are looking to replace worn out tires or increase performance, aftermarket wheels and rims are the way to go. I’ll let you know that measuring your current wheels is a must. You have to ensure what you’re getting fits the frame of your bike. You should also measure the spoils as they vary from model to model if you want wheels made of spokes.

If you have the manufacturer’s manual you can check all the wheel aspects of your bike. Or go to a trusted mechanic for measurements.

Now that the foundation is laid, let’s look at the decisions you will be making. 

Solide and spoke wheels

Motorbikes have two types of rims, the solid and spoke rims. Solid rims can be found in various designs so pick what you deem best for your ride. Spokes, on the other hand, come in different sizes and they are made of aluminium giving them a more classic look. Also, they are more durable as they’re resilient on the road.

Cast wheels

Have you seen the chrome and polished wheels? Those are the cast wheels made from lightweight aluminium. They aren’t as durable as spokes but they’re corrosion resistant and they’re available in numerous attractive designs.

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Billet wheels

I have to say this is one popular option for heavy-duty lovers. It’s created from a solid block of aluminium making them ideal for heavy-duty machines. You can either get them off the shelf or custom order one by asking the manufacturer to build a computer cut design for you.

Laced wheels

I have one of these as they have proven to provide both flexibility and durability. They have spokes that can easily bend without breaking. If you need something that handles road impacts with ease, I recommend choosing laced wheels. The energy from high-impact is dispersed through the spokes making it easy on the wheel.