Car shipping services: Risks and Benefits. Here is what the experts have to say

Car shipping services: Risks and Benefits. Here is what the experts have to say

Whether you’re looking for international shipping or one that’s interstate, you may be wondering which car transportation method to use and what to be aware of. Don’t worry, we’ve consulted our experts to provide you with the best advice on the matter. We will look at some of the challenges when it comes to car shipping, as well as some of the accompanying benefits which are going to make your life easier. When shipping a car across the country, here’s everything you need to know and be aware of:

1. Time

This is both a pro and a con, depending on your exact situation. On one hand, typically car delivery companies give you a time-period spanning roughly a week, when your car could be delivered. That is, in part, due to the way car shipping companies work – so if you’d prefer to be fully in control of the process or need your car at once, this is something worth considering.

On the other hand, driving yourself, especially across long distances can be highly time-consuming in the first place, but doing so twice can be fully exhausting. When using a car shipping company, all you need to do is set things up in the right way and then continue going about your day, knowing that the matter has effectively been taken care of.

2. Price

You should always be conscious of what the last price will be. An exceedingly small amount of car shipping companies may even include hidden costs, not seen in the car shipping quotes but coming out of your pocket by the end. Remember: when you’re offered a rate that’s too good to be true, it highly likely is. Do a background check on your auto transport companies and make sure they’re trustworthy before dealing with them, and you will save a lot of headaches in the future.

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On the flipside, there is a myth that car shipping itself is expensive. That’s not necessarily true, as when you consider the costs of gas and having a place to sleep, you will see that it’s often cheaper to pay a car transportation service to handle it for you. It is simply paid more noticeably, as a bulk-cost, rather than the many small costs paid which eventually add up.

3. Damage

Rest assured, shipping your car is both safer and better for your car than driving it across the distance yourself. That way you can avoid exposing your car to harsh conditions on the road or having your mileage increase considerably.

A big worry with passionate vehicle owners is that their cars may get damaged in the process. While generally safer than driving the vehicle yourself, there could still be some accidental damage due to harsh road conditions and weather, worn tires, or strain on your transmission. For the most part, however, the industry has learned to adapt.

Firstly, don’t look for the lowest costs. Especially if you have a bike that’s dear to you, looking for the cheapest motorcycle shipping will get you nowhere, as nothing good comes without a cost. A good quote won’t leave you questioning whether the workers will take diligent care of your vehicle, for example.

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Similarly, most auto transport companies offer transportation insurance, which will help take some of the sting out of the repairs, should it come to it. You can also request closed-off transportation, so there are fewer risks your car is exposed to.

When considering auto transportation, these points should be enough to cover your bases and know which choice you should make. Good luck and happy shipping!