How to Ship a Car in USA?

How to Ship a Car in USA?

There are many reasons why you need to ship a car and depending on the occasion, the price will be higher or lower. Choosing a company is very important because the price can vary a lot. Doing more research then others will give you a better price so if you are moving it may mean a lot to cut down these costs. Popular companies will usually charge more but you can expect that the safety is on point.

You should know that in most cases there will be an additional cost for the broker that is looking for a shipment company. There are companies that will do everything for you so always ask what the bill includes. Things like insurance and if it will be covered are important because in most cases they will move many vehicles at one time. If your vehicle is very expensive you should ask for additional coverage. There are specialized trailers made for protecting the vehicle.

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Research the Company

Nowadays, it is very easy to research a shipping company because we have websites that will review them and rate their experience, reputation, and overall quality. Many details matter when you are moving a vehicle so you can expect that the companies you choose will have different quotes. You shouldn’t stick to one company find a few so you can compare them. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration can help you a lot here because you can see if the firm has complaint history, insurance record, and license.

Reputation in this business is very important and that can be checked by the number of satisfied customers and years of doing business. If you have a new car, don’t ever save on shipping because many companies will do a bad job when it comes to safety. When you chose a few firms, ask for the quotes. If you want to save money, you can transport it in the winter when the quotes are lower.


Questions You Should Ask

There are a few questions you should ask every firm so you will have better information about who’s going to do transportation and how. They will usually provide a quote that suits them and if you are working with a broker, he will try to benefit himself. This doesn’t happen in all cases but in most of them, you can expect high rates.

It’s better to work with a company without a broker so you can avoid additional costs. When you get a quote, you should ask about the person that will do the job. You should know if they aren’t experienced and if they need help. This will depend on the vehicle. For more expensive cars, they will send more experienced people so they can avoid any possibility of damaging the car.

Some of them may require additional documents, so ask what you should prepare when they arrive. They can also give you tips about preparing the car for shipping.  Ask about how long they need to finish the job so you can know when you can pick it up. Those are some standard questions on which they should give you the answer right away.

Insurance Coverage

Always check what your insurance will cover. Maybe you will need to make additional payments and you should ask the company for information about their liability insurance coverage. You can never know when the problem may occur even if you hire the best firm possible. The chances will be lower but still, there are other people on the road that may affect your shipment.

Before you agree to work with them, check the type of insurance they have. In most situations, your insurance won’t cover shipping across the country. The insurance will depend on the vehicle and you can ask them to see the documents. The cover can be increased but the price will go up. It’s better to be covered and spend a little bit more so you won’t worry about it. Click here to read more.


Time and Pick up

You shouldn’t approach car shipment as shipping some package because it is more difficult and the process is different. Shipping is much slower it’s more expensive and bulkier. Some international shipments may take 8 weeks domestic on the other hand will take up to four weeks. Because you need time to find the right company, you should make a plan in advance. It will mean a lot to have some kind of moving schedule if you are going to a different state.

Every professional company will contact you if they have a free truck to come to your destination. The job doesn’t end there because you might have a problem with loading the car. Make sure there is available space for the pickup. When they call you to inform you that the car is delivered, the destination may vary if the desired one is taken. The price will also depend on how accessible is the place of delivery. It can be cheaper to have it shipped between 2 major cities than 2 smaller towns.

Additional Tips

Covering a car during transportation can be very beneficial depending on the situation. It may cost more to cover it but if the weather is bad, your car will avoid debris and dents. For vintage vehicles, there are specialized enclosed trailers which are more expensive but it will assure that there’s no damage to the vehicle.

We leave a lot of stuff in our car and sometimes we forget we put it there. Empty your vehicle and make sure anything valuable isn’t in it. The only thing you need to leave is some gas in the tank so you can place it where you want when it arrives at the location.

Before the car is loaded, they will inspect it for any damage so you won’t be able to accuse them of damaging the vehicle. But on the other hand, you should inspect the vehicle when it arrives. A great tip is to take photos before and after so you will be sure everything is in its place.