Landing a Truck Driving Job in the Bay Area

Landing a Truck Driving Job in the Bay Area

When a person has earned their CDL license they are ready to find employment as a truck driver. They can drive locally or they can drive the big rigs across the country. There are many truck driving jobs in the Bay Area that are looking for certified CDL drivers.

Trucker Life

There is a new lifestyle that comes with the job. A person may be gone from weeks at a time and they may spend the majority of their time on the road. A person needs to keep this in mind especially if they have a family. A CDL driver can expect to make a good living even in their first year of driving. They may be on the road up to 10 hours a day or more and will need to meet deadlines. It may be a challenge but with truck driving jobs in Bay Area a person can make a good living and travel up and down the coast.



During the first year at the job, most truckers will get the least favorable loads. Drivers that have been with the company for a long time often get to pick their loads and routes. First-year drivers may have schedules that are less than ideal. They are still gaining work experience. They need to prove their skills and that they can be relied on as employees. A trucker will need to make sure they get their load to their location on time and they display safe driving habits.

See the Country

If a person gets a long haul job they will get to see the countryside, the city, and everything in between. They will get to see the country and will get to have some cool experiences along the way. This is great for a person that enjoys being on the go and does not like to stay in one place for a long time. With the use of cell phones and tablets, a person will get to keep in contact with their loved ones even when they are on the road.

Job Outlook

Full-time truck drivers with a valid CDL can make a nice living from their first day on the job. The average salary is around $38,000 a year. The training for a CDL only lasts a couple of weeks.

The trucking industry is expected to see a 21 percent growth. There is currently a shortage of qualified drivers. Some trucking jobs will allow a person to be home every night while others will keep a person on the road for weeks at a time. Some companies offer sign-on bonuses and health insurance. While this job can be demanding a person can make a good income and benefits.

Finding a Job

Many CDL programs can help with job placement assistance. They will be able to help a student that has completed the program find employment. A person can also search job sites on the internet and network with fellow truckers. There is a demand for certified truck drivers so a trucker will not be searching for work for long. They may even find employment before they finish school.

When a person gets their CDL license their first year working as a trucker may be less than ideal. They may not get the best hours or routes. They will, however, get a nice paycheck. As a person gains experience they will get their choice of trucking jobs and will continue to earn a nice income.