Making The Most Out Of Car Vacations

Making The Most Out Of Car Vacations

In Finland, most of us will lead to a busy life. As a result, when the time comes, we’ll be needing a holiday. Sometime in the sun, away from all, the stress of everyday life.

Many people will use Momondo or other websites that can be found on Suomiarvostelut to book their holiday. But because of the Corona Virus, flying on a plane isn’t quite as easy as it used to be.

But that doesn’t even matter. Because you can have a fantastic holiday with just your car. And today, I want to talk to you about how to make the most out of your car vacation.


There is so much great food on the planet, many of it you will never have heard of. Even in the different parts of Finland, the different areas will have different foods, many of which you will have never tried before.

If you’re getting away from home, you should also be getting away from the kind of food that you would usually be eating at home. And this is going to mean trying some new foods. On the surface, a lot of these foods might make you feel a bit uneasy, but you need to get past that.

Don’t worry that things might look a bit yucky because as soon as you let go of this, you give your taste buds some real excitement.


Most people probably don’t think of sports when they think of holidays, but in this world, there is so much more to the sport than just football, tennis, rugby, etc.

You might find that the place you’re staying in is known for a particular sport that you’ve heard of but never given much thought to. But there are so many sports across the world that you will have never heard of before.

In one town I visited, I was lucky enough to be able to watch an annual rubber duck race.


Most of the singers you enjoyed listening to will have started their careers performing in their local towns.

And if you go to a local music venue, you’ll be able to experience some music that you’ll fall in love with. Whether it’s pop, rock, or country that you’re into, find out if any local artists are playing when you’re around. And if you’re lucky, you might leave your holiday with a new favorite band.

And if they get big, you’ll be able to say, “I liked them before they were cool”.


A mistake that so many tourists make is they spend the whole time with just themselves, their families, and the hotel staff. But the hotel staff are only friendly to you because they’re paid to do so.

Get out of the hotel and go to the local bars where you’ll be able to talk to the locals. You can learn about what people are like in the real world and get an understanding of their world view. People will be more likely to like you if you make an effort with them.