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Motoring Companies is an auto repair store servicing Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco, Washington (the Tri-Cities area). I have been going to Ruffing Automotive Service for the last 8 years. I like working with Jeff Ruffing. He’s trustworthy and right down to earth. His recommendations are primarily based on what must be executed and he will always inform me if something can be put off for a while. I can always get my vehicle in and even get a courtesy vehicle if wanted. He makes me feel like a member of the family is caring for my automobiles.

The best way to keep your car in good condition is to take care of it like you would take care of your pet. It is important to have your car in top-shape all the time to avoid inconvenience for you and to prevent a huge amount of money from going to the auto mechanic just because of your lack of care for your vehicle.

Auto Spare Parts

Most alloys are cast, although some are forged.

Asked for him just a few months later, but discovered that he had opened his personal store. I have had work carried out on my automobiles by this new shop for a few years now, mostly on stuff too laborious to do by myself. And he is sincere, stands behind his work, reasonable price, pleasant and punctual.

Beyond this, car manufacturers vary wildly. Some will present a simple “Check Engine” light, which could mean a host of different faults, but is fairly easy to understand. Others car manufacturers have lots of fairly specific dashboard warning lights, such as low oil levels, poor tire pressure and/or various electrical faults.

Cannot say enough good about this business.

You will also want to look for certifications that explicitly list the shop’s ability to handle diesel vehicles. This should give you the piece of mind that you need to know that they will be able to handle your vehicle safely. Car repair tools are quite basic and inexpensive. However, there are quite a few of them, each used to treat a specific problem of the vehicle. Therefore, if you are hunting for an all inclusive tool or a machine for fixing every car problem you will find none of this kind.

Always remember you should purchase auto parts online. Many components in your vehicle are interrelated. You need to make sure your tires can stand up well to bad weather conditions. • The automotive mechanics job description entails diagnosing problems quickly and accurately having analytical ability. Replacing car parts can be as easy or difficult as the problem. Therefore, some of them can be done within a day of the occurrence of the problem while others may take more time due to the need to ship the parts from outside the state or country.


Lots of different car companies claim to have special training in the repair of this specific car brand. With so many potential issues that can occur along with your car or truck engine. We have got it. With access to millions of aftermarket auto elements, our licensed ASE Vehicle Parts Specialists will assist you in your search.

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