Requirements to Drive in Norway

Requirements to Drive in Norway

It is not enough to own a vehicle and drive it around. You must be ready to follow some laid-down rules and regulations. You must have also gotten some driving essentialities that make you eligible in the eyes of the law to drive.

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Here are some of the crucial things to have before driving in Norway.

· Driving license

Are you visiting Norway for the first time? Then you should know that to drive here; you must have reached the required age, that is, 18 years of age. Your driver’s license must also contain a photograph for identification. If the vehicle is not registered in your name, a document from the owner showing consent from the owner should be carried about. The license must be valid and issued by an EC/ECA country. If not, then an International Driver’s permit is required. If you want to get a driver’s license, check here for more information.

· Vehicle registration document

As a local, it is essential to register your vehicle with the Central Register of Motor Vehicles. As a visitor with a short duration of stay, let us assume a year, it can be allowed that you drive without registering. A more extended period of more than a year will require registration. If the vehicle has been registered in your local country, you will need permission to use it for the second year.

· Breakdown/Accident pointers

All drivers in Norway must carry a red warning triangle and a yellow fluorescent visibility vest in case of an accident or a breakdown. In case of an accident, there are emergency numbers for calling the respective concerned authorities.

· Headlights and Seat belts

All drivers must use dipped headlights in the daytime. This rule applies to all vehicles, not only cars. Every car must also have seat belts for the occupants. Children must be firmly strapped with safety equipment that corresponds to their age, weight, and size. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that these regulations are followed to the letter. There should be one belt to one occupant. It implies that carrying more passengers than can be managed is prohibited.

· Insurance

It is mandatory to have third party insurance in Norway. If you are visiting, green cards are recommended. Check for an insurance company to help issue you with a valid insurance cover.

Penalties for Non-Compliance with Driving Regulations

· Quality tires

A vehicle without sufficient road grip is illegal on Norwegian roads. Summer tires should have a minimum of 1.6 millimeters while that of winter should be 3 millimeters. Cars that weigh 3.5 tons or more must carry snow chains that fit the wheels. This is to combat ice or snow-clogged roads.

As a visitor with a private vehicle, you can check Norskeanmeldelser for reviews of customers all around Norway when you need to purchase a product or service. Penalties for failing to meet these requirements range from on-the-spot fines, towing away of the vehicle, to confiscation of the car.