Small Car Improvements You Can Do Yourself

Small Car Improvements You Can Do Yourself

It’s easy to think that you need to graduate from mechanical engineering to work on your car. However, this is hardly true. And in fact, almost everyone can make a few improvements that can have a significant impact on your car. A few simple updates to your old ride, from the new pneumatic & spark plugs to installing backup cameras and data monitoring systems.

air filter

1. Air Filter

Every 12 months or 12,000 miles, you need a new air filter for your car. In about 10 to 15 minutes, you can change your air filter.

  • Right under the hood of your vehicle, find your filter. It is fixed inside the rectangular box of black color. If you cannot locate it at this location, you should check your Owner’s manual.
  • Open the box to see how the air filter fits into it. Notice how the filter looks.
  • Remove the old air filter and install the new filter precisely how you met the old filter in it.
  • Remember when you are done with the installation to close the metal clips.

2. Spark Plugs

After approx. 30,000 miles, most spark plugs need to be replaced but check the Owner’s manual in case your car rating is different. It may sound like an intense job while changing spark plugs, but it’s quite an easy operation. You have to reserve time and be patient.

  • You need to be able to find their spark plugs quickly since they are connected to thick rubber wiring.
  • You’ll find 4, 6, or 8 plugs, depending on the number of a cylinder in your vehicle.
  • Take the wire off just to the first spark plug. Do not automatically cut all cables. In a specific order, you must fix your spark plugs.
  • You will detach the first spark plug by using your spark plug and extension in your ratchet.
  • Mount a new spark plug and tighten it with a wrench for snug fit first by the side. Don’t tighten it too much.
  • Restore the wire of the spark plug.

For each spark plug, repeat these steps one by one. You won’t have to think about “gapping” the plugs when you buy the correct plugs since they are pre-gapped.

3. Oil and Oil filter

Reviews on CollectedReviews show that you need to change your oil every 3000 miles. However, I believe that you can get away from changing it every 5 000 miles with better products and more powerful vehicles. Whichever criteria you decide to use the shift you treat will save you time and money. Take these precautions into account before you start:

  1. It is always safe to change your engine oil anytime it is cool and not hot. Drive around the block to heat the car and unloose the oil will lead to a more productive drain, which is good news, but you must let the engine cool before you work.
  2. So make sure you are comfortable to handle a jack safely; you must jack your car up. It’s now time to get a little dirty now that you protected the defense first.
  3. Get into your car and find the oil pan for your engine. It ought not to be difficult to locate.
  4. Drain all of the old oil into your oil cup and drain the drain plug.
  5. After all, oil is drained, the drain plug is replaced.
  6. Return to your engine with your wrench oil filter and remove the old oil filter. There was a mistake (Be careful, because the oil filter contains some old oil).
  7. Use some new motor oil to add the rubber gasket on a new oil filter.
  8. Fill the new oil filter with new oil approximately 2/3 of the way.
  9. Screw-in the filter for fresh gasoline. Only keep it by hand.
  10. Use your funnel to fill the motor with fresh gasoline.
  11. Double-check your oil level with a dipstick to ensure you correctly add the proper quantity.
  12. Remove the old oil filter and recover the old oil (most gas stations will take it).

The dirtiest task on the list is changing your oil, but it may also be most rewarding. While there are plenty of service stations in the vicinity, the cost and the time commitment add up if you think about going four times a year.

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