Styles Of Tonneau Covers

Styles Of Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are the best for copping off the bed of your truck. These covers protect your truck’s bed from rain and also from grabby hands. If you are opting for high-quality tonneau covers, these will make it easier for your gear to cut through the wind. This may help in boosting the fuel economy of your rig. There are different styles of tonneau covers available to choose from. It is important to measure the truck bed. This includes measuring the width of bulkhead or tailgate and the length of the bed. Once the dimensions are clear, you can choose either a soft-top or a hard tonneau cover. The installation is also not very complicated and can be done by DIY tricks. The market is overwhelming with various products in the tonneau cover category. However, to narrow down your options you can consider three major styles of the tonneau covers to choose from.


  • Retractable tonneau cover

Retractable tonneau covers are made of strong and heavy-duty material for long-term usage. They are a little expensive but the cost you would pay is worth it. Most of the retractable covers do not need maintenance and liberates you from extra labor and replacement hassles. Owing to the durable material and low profile and sleek design they are the most sought covers. The material is also moisture and UV ray’s resistant which further increases its life. Most of these covers can be locked to tailgate, thereby ensuring security to the bed and cargo. They are mounted with ball bearing for easy opening and closing operations. Their one-piece design prohibits water penetration completely. These are available with glossy finishing enhancing the look of your truck.

  • Tri-fold tonneau cover

The three key features that you certainly look for in your tonneau cover are durability, stability and long-lasting. The tri-folded tonneau covers incredibly fit-in in all these requirements. These are known for keeping your cargo perfectly safe and secure in all weather conditions like rain, hail or blistering heat. The installation is easy and smooth but may require removing the cargo racks and rails. These are budget-friendly and reduce the amount that you spend on gas by making your haul smooth and swift. These covers often come with a waterproof sealing that doubles the protection, especially in severe weather conditions. The tri-fold covers are built with snug-fit designs. They make your truck look sleek and professional after installation.

  • Roll-up tonneau cover

Roll-up tonneau covers belong to the budget-friendly market space. If you are looking for a cheap tonneau cover but with high-quality material, a roll-up cover is a perfect choice for you. In spite of being low-cost, these covers are designed with the industry standard material. This is done considering the tough and harsh conditions your truck bed cover is often put through. These covers are highly user-friendly in operations with their rollup and rollout features. You can easily roll and remove them as need be. Unlike retractable and trifold covers, these cannot serve you throughout your life and can be a little noisy in windy conditions. These are elegant and smooth in finish. They often have pre-set tension control to keep the cover tight in all conditions.