Technical aspects you should know about your car

Owning a car is great; you will have freer movements and enjoy yourself as much as you want. However, running into mechanical issues is unavoidable. Therefore, you have to be conversant with the technical aspects of your car and know how to maintain them to avoid a total breakdown.

If you have a car in Norway, you will have to change the tires and wheels from time to time. One of the places you can get these essential car parts from is Byttdekk. However, you should first know what other people in Norway are saying about the reliability of the company on Norske-Anmeldelser before you patronize them. Here are important things you should know about your car:


Your brakes are important features of your car you shouldn’t neglect. They can mean life or death in cases of accidents. Your brakes shouldn’t be faulty as they give you less control over your car’s movement. Research shows that faulty brakes are the leading cause of accidents. This is why you have to regularly maintain your brakes and ensure that you observe the steering wheel when driving. If you feel that anything is wrong with your brake, you should take it to the mechanic’s shop before hitting the road.

Engine oil and vehicle fluids

Engine oil helps to keep your vehicle’s engine lubricated and clean, which are prerequisites for maintaining the engine. Inadequate engine oil can create friction in the critical components of the vehicle and cause the engine to knock. The right amount of engine oil put in at the right time will help enhance your vehicle’s performance. Also, you should check your vehicle’s fluids such as brake fluid, washer fluid, etc. regularly. You should change both the oil and fluids regularly, within 6 months.

Tire pressure

The tire pressure of your vehicle determines the durability and performance of your tires. If the tire pressure is low, your tires will wear out faster and you will frequently replace them, costing you more money. On the other hand, if the tire pressure is high, you will find it difficult to pull your vehicle over. As such, it is important to get the recommended tire pressure to prevent accidents and more maintenance fees.

Taillights and headlights

The lights of your car get dimmer with time, so it is advised you check them especially if you’re going out at night. Hitting the road with headlights that aren’t functioning properly causes other drivers not to see you and probably crash into you. Once your headlights get dim, don’t hesitate to get them repaired at the mechanic workshop.


Shocks are meant to cushion the effects of bumps when you are driving or when your car goes over a slope. However, if your shocks rattle whenever you drive, it is time to change them. Replacing your shocks will make your driving smoother and prevent various parts of your vehicle from wear and tear.

Emergency kit

Maintaining your car regularly doesn’t entirely cancel out the chance of it breaking down but reduces it significantly. Your car can break down anytime; this is why you should have an emergency kit in your car. Your emergency kit should contain flashlights, duct tapes, gloves, etc. Besides, you should have some knowledge about car repair so that you can do small repairs when need be.

Post Author: Ruby Hill