Understanding the Best Practices for Reducing Car Container Shipping Fees

Understanding the Best Practices for Reducing Car Container Shipping Fees

Car container shipping applies to shipping cars through well-coordinated international routes in large containers and is one of the most popular means of shipping a car from one destination to another. Many issues can affect the price of car shipping and it can be helpful to understand these aspects in seeking ways to reduce the overall fees of automotive shipping containers. Car shipment by containers is slightly more expensive than traditional car shipping RORO (Roll-On / Roll-Off), but it is possible to reduce the fees of container shipping by adopting certain helpful methods. Here are the best practices that can be followed for reducing car container shipping fees.

Uses Racking Systems to Maximize the Shipping Volume

It is important to note that shipping containers have their detailed vehicle carrying capacity, but with the use of different types of racking systems, the maximum existing capacity can be increased. There are two common alternatives for racking, i.e. wood racking and steel racking. Although wood racking is less expensive, steel racking is more efficient, however, both racking systems can be loaded in a container to store multiple cars.

Wood Racking System

It is one of the most inexpensive racking systems for increasing the shipping volume of containers to allow loading more cars. The flexibility and reasonability of wood racking are a favored option for some of the customers. Whilst wood racking can help to increase the shipping volume of a container, it cannot be measured as the most trusted racking systems.

Hiring the Services of a Professional Freight Forwarding Company

This is one of the most effective methods to substantially reduce the fees of car container shipping. An expert Sea freight forwarding company can assess all available options and create an ideal plan for shipping from one destination to another of a particular number of cars. The freight forwarding companies will offer customers with full support and assistance to select the most reliable and affordable choices for the shipment of their cars in containers, and they will handle all needed documentation to make the process completely trouble-free.

Steel Racking Systems

Car types have different sizes and dimensions, which also lead to loading a particular number of cars inside a container. The storage inside a container can be maximized by using a steel racking system so multiple cars can be easily loaded inside the containers.

Containers are normally fumigated to import and export cars, especially when wooden racking systems are used. Fumigation is the way to kill harmful insects, termites, and other living organisms to avoid their transition during transport. Normally, Fumigation is not required when steel racking systems are used, therefore it reduces the overall fees of car container shipping.

Container Sharing Can Reduce Car Container Shipping Fees

Sharing of containers is one of the most common ways to reduce vehicle shipping fees. Customers can also share fees and taxes on car container shipping, which can substantially reduce the overall shipping fees.

It is important to know that the amount of these fees will not change regardless of the size or width of the containers. This is why container sharing can be perfect for reducing car shipping fees. Container sharing will theoretically half the shipping fees and can be one of the best ways to reduce car container shipping fees.


These companies have considerable industry experience and work with the best industry practice to assess customer’s shipping solutions based on their budget and other requirements. It allows customers to save time and money by shipping cars via a qualified freight forwarding service provider. If you are planning to import or export cars to and from the UAE, you can contact with Shipping Companies in Dubai and always try to find the best companies with good shipping network background so you will get your car in a safe and timely manner.