Ship Car

How to Ship a Car in USA?

There are many reasons why you need to ship a car and depending on the occasion, the price will be higher or lower. Choosing a company is very important because the price can vary a lot. Doing more research then others will give you a better price so if you are moving it may mean […]

Life Changing Car Covers

You look out the window, see the drizzle that is getting faster and you sigh. You know that by the end of the evening your car will be soaking, and by tomorrow, the damage will have been well absorbed. Oh well, you sigh, that’s the way life is. Sorry, but it isn’t. You’re wrong. Neither […]

KIA e-Niro. A car to win

We had the rally won and we gave it away in the last stage.  We have been wrong. All right. That happens to anyone. But we have not done anything to solve our error. And we had margin, a lot of margin. We had time to correct. Within the stretch, yes. Penalizing, yes. But we […]